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Why to do private lessons?

Private classes are the best way to improve your Jiu-Jitsu faster and more efficiently. They offer the opportunity to further explore techniques and positions in a unique and personalized learning environment. They are, likewise, the best way to prepare for competition, if this is your goal. 

The coach or instructor will be able to help you to build a strategy and work on those areas in which you find it most difficult when developing your game to feel confident and prepared.

Please note: All private lessons must be scheduled beforehand. Contact us to book your lesson or multiple-lesson or just find here the booking fee that will be discounted from the total fee.

Booking procedure:

1. Talk to instructor about availability
2. Make the booking
3. Confirm date and time
4. Enjoy your lesson

Please note: all schedule changes or cancellations could result in loss of the booking fee credit



Never tried Jiu-Jitsu before?
The 3-Day-Trial Pass is designed for brand new practicioners only!

and get your 3-Day-Trial Pass now.

Your trial will be discounted from the sign-up fee once you register as a member. 

Thanks for your choice!

Purchase your 3-day-trial through the link on your e-mail and don't forget to show it once you come. Hope to see you very soon!

Please notice the 3-Day-Trial pass is for brand new practicioners only.