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Gustavo Galvão

Gustavo Galvao was born in the village of Sao Sebastiao, at the sea side of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He first started Judo at the age of 12, few years later he started Jiu-Jitsu next to his brothers Carlos and André.

His first Jiu-Jitsu Professor was Master Luiz Dagmar "Careca", from the Carlson Gracie School, who understood that for his growth, he had to send him, together with his brother André Galvao, to keep learning under Master Fernando Tererê, which was already a Legend and yet formed champions like Ruben Charles Cobrinha or Michael Langhi. From the purple belt, Gustavo was taught under Professor Ramon Lemos, having the great opportunity to share the mats with the greatest names of the art, like laterly World Champions Rafael and Guilherme Mendes, Gilbert "Durinho" Burns, Bruno Frazatto, Rodrigo Caporal, Leandro Brassolotto, Guto Campos, among others. 

And at this point started the creation of the Atos Jiu-Jitsu team, founded by Ramon Lemos and André Galvao, a small but tireless competition team, which would give rise to several titles and later subsidiaries spread all over the world, one of them led by Professor Gustavo Galvao, in Barcelona. 



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